When a loved one dies, grieving family members and friends are often confronted with dozens of decisions about the funeral – all of which must be made quickly and under great emotional duress. Also during this time, survivors and others who share in their loss may want to express their love, respect, grief and appreciation for a life that has been lived.

Flowers express a feeling of life and beauty and offer much comfort to the family. The offering of prayers is a valued expression of sympathy to a family of faith. A personal note of sympathy is very meaningful as well. Yet you can express all of these things with a keepsake for a lifetime through our Memory Books. Expressing yourself openly and sincerely through your own personalized Memory Book, you can share meaningful memories with family and friends.

Some may want to express themselves by writing a message to or of their loved one, helping find closure at this difficult time. Others may have pictures of their loved one’s childhood or of better times in their life. Memory Books allows you to remember your loved one as they lived – through pictures and words.

All of this can be done with our exclusive Memory Book – designed, and printed in time for the services.

Please browse the various images available and give us a call when you are ready. Our experienced staff will help to arrange a picture memorial for you to pass along to your friends, relatives, colleagues – whomever shared in the life of your loved one.


The comfort of remembering your loved one through good times will help in the grieving process.

~Thank you~